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Jin Guan Yin (Golden Guan Yin) Oolong Tea


Brief Introduction to
Jin Guan Yin (Golden Guan Yin) Oolong Tea

Jin Guan Yin (literally as Golden Tie Guan Yin), a varietal of Tie Guan Yin, is one of the famous cultivars used for Oolong tea. Traditionally this oolong tea was made with its leaves dried into a long and open shape and heavily roasted with a dark color (much like oolong tea from Wuyi Mountain or Chaozhou) but in the last two decades most Tie Guan Yin is crafted into a denser ball-like shape with less roasting and oxidation, making for a greener colored oolong tea.

All of our Golden Tie Guan Yin is made purely from the original Tie Guan Yin cultivar, and not blended with other cultivars. The leaves used to craft this tea are grown in a higher (above 1000 meters) mountain region that is far away from Anxi city, where most Tie Guan Yin is made. In this high mountain region, the environment is relatively untouched and free from pollutants, and as a result, the region’s tea naturally carries a light wild flower aroma.

When tea is finally ready for harvest, the leaves from the sunniest day of picking are put aside for a special tea – Golden Tie Guan Yin. Clear sunshine is considered ideal picking conditions for leaves to be made into oolong tea. The warmth of the sun on the leaves excites molecular activity within them, increasing their flavor and aroma.

As a result, Golden Tie Guan Yin is uncommonly intense. Even the aromatic richness of its dry leaf stands out among other Tie Guan Yin oolongs. When brewed it yields buttery and fruity aromatics and a bright yellow-green infusion. Its flavor is full bodied with both sweet and sour notes. Golden Tie Guan Yin is a tea to be enjoyed over multiple infusions, each infusion unveiling new layers of its flavor. We recommend to brew this tea in Chinese traditional gongfu tea brewing style.

make the perfect cup of
Jin Guan Yin (Golden Guan Yin) Oolong Tea

    • Teaware
    • icon-brewing-guidelines-teapot
    • Gaiwan (Bowl), Yixing Pot, Porcelain Pot
    • Leaves
    • icon-brewing-guidelines-leaf
    • Half of the capacity
    • Water
    • icon-brewing-guidelines-water
    • Filtered (Spring) Water
    • Fire
    • icon-brewing-guidelines-fire
    • 100°C | 212°F
    • Time
    • icon-brewing-guidelines-clock
    • 1-2 Min
    • Infusion
    • icon-brewing-guidelines-infusion
    • 6-7 infusions

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