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Yunnan Dian Hong Jin Zhen (Golden Needle)


Brief Introduction to
Yunnan Dian Hong Jin Zhen (Golden Needle)

Dian Hong Jin Zhen (literally as Golden Needle), originally produced in Feng Qing of Yunnan Province, is carefully hand-made from single bud or one bud with one tender leaf. The tea brews up a golden yellow clear color with malt and chocolate flavors and flowery aroma. It’s truly a lovely tea both in taste and appearance! This “Gold Needle” tea features prominent buds and a robust malty flavor!

Similar to Dian Hong Jin Ya (Golden Buds), Golden Needle tea is also picked in early April, generally between Chinese Qing Ming and Guyu Seasons. Most black teas are made from leaves harvested later in the year. And when oxidized and dried they are black in color. Golden Needle tea is straight, slender in black and gold with sharp points when dry. When brewed the tea soup turn on bright reddish brown color with luster.

Yunnan Province first produced black tea in 1939. The Chinese government sought to move the crop from Japanese occupied lands to the east. Two great tea masters Feng Shao Qiu and Fan He Jun explored Yunnan. They were searching for a place to create a production base for commercial black tea. They found the Feng Qing County in southwest Yunnan an ideal place to start producing quality tea.  Due to the soil in this area is rich and there was already a bounty of diverse tea bushes. They set up a factory and began to produce a large amount of tea.

There is one famous tea tree in Feng Qing County, called “Xiang Zhu Qing Cha Zu”.  It is the largest and thickest tea tree discovered. And the nation protects it because of its botanical significance. This tea tree is estimated to be 3200 years old and the diameter of the trunk of 1.84 meters thick.

make the perfect cup of
Yunnan Dian Hong Jin Zhen (Golden Needle)

    • Teaware
    • icon-brewing-guidelines-teapot
    • 12 OZ. Porcelain Pot, Yixing Pot, Gaiwan (Bowl)
    • Leaves
    • icon-brewing-guidelines-leaf
    • 1 TBS
    • Water
    • icon-brewing-guidelines-water
    • Filtered (Spring) Water
    • Fire
    • icon-brewing-guidelines-fire
    • 100°C | 212°F
    • Time
    • icon-brewing-guidelines-clock
    • 2-3 Min for 1st Infusion
    • Infusion
    • icon-brewing-guidelines-infusion
    • 6 infusions

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