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Ba Xian (Eight Immortals) Dan Cong Oolong


Brief Introduction to
Ba Xian (Eight Immortals) Dan Cong Oolong

Ba Xian Dan Cong Oolong grows in Phoenix Mountains located in Chaozhou of China’s Guangdong Province. Ba Xian literally means Eight Immortals in a Chinese fairy tale, who can do anything, very magical men.

The tea trees of Ba Xian Dan Cong in the garden have been over 200-500 years old. Phoenix Ba Xian is a super premium tea in Oolong tea. It grows wild in rocks. Accumulating minerals from the rocks for long time, Ba Xian Dancong gives you an intensive taste of fruit, which lingers in your teeth and throat for more than half an hour. The local villagers have a saying: “After one cup of Ba Xian, the flavor lingers in your throat when you are at downtown (it takes more than one hour to travel from Phoenix mountain to downtown Chaozhou). We may see the old age of Ba Xian tea tree from the picture.”

Just like wrinkles of old men, the old trees of hundreds of years have holes in their bottom trunks. We let the trees grow by nature, no pesticides given to tea trees. We also do not cut the grass or other plants surrounding Ba Xian tree so as to keep it in a naturally good biological environment.

Just like old wine, Ba Xian Dan Cong gives you the taste of matured mellow flavor!

make the perfect cup of
Ba Xian (Eight Immortals) Dan Cong Oolong

    • Teaware
    • icon-brewing-guidelines-teapot
    • Gaiwan (Bowl), Porcelain Pot, Yixing Pot
    • Leaves
    • icon-brewing-guidelines-leaf
    • 5-8G
    • Water
    • icon-brewing-guidelines-water
    • Filtered (Spring) Water
    • Fire
    • icon-brewing-guidelines-fire
    • 100°C | 212°F
    • Time
    • icon-brewing-guidelines-clock
    • 5 SEC – 30 SEC
    • Infusion
    • icon-brewing-guidelines-infusion
    • More than 10 infusions

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