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Lu An Gua Pian (Melon Seed) Green Tea


Brief Introduction to
Lu An Gua Pian (Melon Seed) Green Tea

Lu An Gua Pian Tea (literally as Melon Seed Tea, also called “Liu An Guan Pian”) is a famous chinese green tea with a long history, and it originates in Qiyun Mountain in Lu’an of China’s Anhui Province. It distinguishes itself among the other famous chinese tea for the endemic species of the local area, and the collecting skills and its processing techniques, thus forming its unique style. It is the only kind of flat tea without stem among green teas, the long leaves are thin and soft creating a rich flavor without bitterness. Lu An Gua Pian is a rare long leaf green tea, it has a bright green tea color and is considered a very clean tea since there are no buds to leave any fuzz when you brew it. It is complex and full, with a wonderful soft flavor and long finish.

The processing techniques of this green tea is very unique. The tea leaves are left on the bush for longer than most high-end green teas, to saturate the leaves with more nutrition and complex taste. Tea pickers will only pick ONE leaf with a small amount of sprig, no bud picked. One by one, proccessers will remove the stem by hand. Two people are needed to make this tea. Instead of charcoal or wok, they use a very hot fire to make this tea. Tea masters have special small brooms made out of local weeds to brush the leaves in to the unique rolled shape. They use very large bamboo drums with a handle on either side. Two masters will stand on either side and place the tea over the fire for less than one second, then remove it. They will repeat this process over sixty times, making this a very unusual and time consuming tea to make.

Lu An Gua Pian Tea is traditionally listed among the Top Ten Chinese Famous Teas. It was also the winner of the China Tea Award in 1982 and China Food and Drink Award in 1988 for its superior refreshing taste and quality. The history of Lu An Gua Pian dates back to the Tang Dynasty, where records were found in Lu Yu’s Cha Jing (first ever book on tea) describing it as a “Superior Tea”, and it was also a tribute tea in the both Ming and Qing Dynasties.

Lu An Gua Pian Tea can not only help to eliminate the hotness and satisfy the thirst, but also the digestion. It is also said to be able to help improve vision and sleep disorder. Consequently, it is regarded as a treasure tea.

make the perfect cup of
Lu An Gua Pian (Melon Seed) Green Tea

    • Teaware
    • icon-brewing-guidelines-teapot
    • 12 OZ. Tall Glass Teacup, Gaiwan (Bowl)
    • Leaves
    • icon-brewing-guidelines-leaf
    • 1 TBS
    • Water
    • icon-brewing-guidelines-water
    • Filtered (Spring) Water
    • Fire
    • icon-brewing-guidelines-fire
    • 85°C | 185°F
    • Time
    • icon-brewing-guidelines-clock
    • 1 ½ Min for 1st Infusion
    • Infusion
    • icon-brewing-guidelines-infusion
    • 4 infusions

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