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Chinese Scented Tea

Bai Yun Xiang Pian (White Cloud Jasmine)
Bi Tan Piao Xue (Snow Drop Jasmine)
Jasmine Silver Needle Tea
Mo Li Long Zhu (Jasmine Pearl Tea)
Osmanthus Scented Green Tea
Wang Zhe Zhi Xiang (Emperor’s Orchid)

Brief Introduction to
Chinese Scented Tea

Any kind of Tea may be scented or flavored with flowers, fruits, spices or herbs. Some blenders add flavoring oils or granules to the mixture in order to ensure an even, enduring flavors and aroma. One example which is popular around the around is jasmine tea, made by allowing heady perfume of fresh jasmine flower to permeate the tea. The possibilities are endless and today’s scented teas range from such simple mixtures as lemon tea to complex blends that include several different flowers and exotic spices.

Scented tea is processed from first-class green tea scented with sweet-smelling flowers. The scented teas are generally named after the flower with which the tea is scented, for example, Jasmine Scented Tea, Osmanthus Scented Tea, etc. Processed with flowers of subtle and distinctive scents, the teas yield a variety of refined flavor. The rich aroma of the flower and the brisk taste of the tea make the beverage a work of art.

Scented Tea should not be confused with herbal infusions that made from plants other than camellia sinensis. Some herbs or flowers such as rose and lemon are used to give soothing brews but if the leaves of the tea plant are not included, neither the dried product nor the liquor should be referred as ‘tea’. They should be called ‘infusion’ or ‘herbal’.

Chinese Scented tea has a long history of up to thousand years and reached its apex in Chinese tea culture during the Yuan Dynasty (1271-1368). The ethnic Mongolian Yuan brought with them to China a cuisine of very strong aromas. Delicate green tribute tea made with the subtle flavor of spring buds didn’t stand a chance against the heavily spiced meals of the Yuan court. Moreover, the Yuan leadership seated its capital in Beijing, a place with relatively poor water for brewing tea. Some people suspect that the custom of drinking scented tea began its rise to prominence during this time, from China’s northern capital. To this day, scented teas remain popular in Northern China, jasmine and flower blends being the staple offering of Beijing tea houses.

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